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The clip art that Geometrie Fluide offers different events can be useful when sending an invitation, when creating a print, or when creating an original personalised gadget. In this section, you can find a collection of pictures (gif, animated gif and jpeg) to download for free.  You can download, copy, stamp, use them in your blog or e-mail, or to explore your creativity.
Here you can find some examples.

These pictures will soon be available to buy online in the high quality version (high resolution),  in the Albums offered exclusively for this site. You will be able to download, print or colour as you please.

The jpeg pictures from the Geometrie Fluide Albums have an optimal resolution for printing. With their good quality and visual impact they can easily be used in the advertisement field, to make posters, signs, brochures, leaflets, labels, T-shirts, printed clothing items and personalised gadgets.

Clip art are ideal for the school, for you free time, for children, teachers... for any occasion.

The clip art pictures in this section are particularly great to be used as teaching material: if you are a teacher, you can use it in your lessons, to create leaflets, posters, graphs and sketches, to make PowerPoint presentations, to create exercises for your students, for literacy courses for foreign students, etc…

The pictures have different styles, techniques and subjects, all divided by category. By clicking on the link, you will be taken to the correspondent page to see the pictures in their real size, and here you can easily download them. You can find the witty animated gifs, contemporary artists illustrations and details taken from famous works of art. If you are looking for a particular event (Christmas, Halloween, Carnival...), choose from the links placed on the top right of the page.

In the  Colouring Sketches section, you can find a whole collection of pictures print friendly and ready to colour. You can find some free samples below:


With the Colouring Sketches offered exclusively by Geometrie Fluide, you can have fun colouring all the sketches you want at home, at school or on holidays, on the beach, or even in a train, plane or boat during a trip... You can colour them with Paint or with your favourite technique, all you need is a box of colouring pencils and an bit of imagination!

If you want to follow your personal taste you can choose a picture at a glance, and then click on small “preview” of the one you like most. It will take you to the chosen picture’s page.
Or you can research “by subject” by clicking on the link on the right hand side, organized in alphabetical order by category and sub-category.
For those looking for personalised pictures or for special effects, Geometrie Fluide proposes a special section dedicated to vector animations swf, some with audio versions.

A high quality collection of clip arts is offered, communicative and funny, enhanced by audio effects. To see (and listen) them all, click on the link Audio Animations and swf or click directly on the samples below.

If you have a site, a personal blog or an activity, you can use these pictures to make them more interesting and pleasant or to better qualify the services that you offer.

You can download the pictures seen in the preview icons for free, for your personal use, for your e-mail of for your blog.

If you run a company, you can use them for printing, to make nice complimentary gifts to your clients, as to adorn a text or an identification icon/symbol.

If you intend to print this pictures, remember that they have a low resolution, so the best results will be on small sized pictures.

This pictures have been designed as miniatures and are not suitable for medium or large size printing. To maintain an acceptable definition, we advise you not to go over 8 cm (side measure), but the image will have a better quality at 5 or 6 cm. It is always better to make some tests beforehand.

To obtain bigger size pictures and without the copyright writing, we advise you to choose a picture with an optimal resolution from the Album of Geometrie Fluide, which will be soon available online.

If you need a picture for an e-mail, it is better to choose the gif format picture.

Remember that many pictures on this section are protected by copyright, therefore the copyright writing can’t be deleted or cancelled. It is not allowed to modify, cut or use this picture for profit making.
If you publish this picture on a website or other, you must mention the author and this site. Respect the author’s rights.




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