The Trip to Rome

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The Trip to Rome

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Andrea Mantegna's stay in Rome dates back to 1488-89. In those years, he had trained extensively in ancient culture, especially in literature and more specifically in old findings. So he must have not been too disturbed facing the old Roman monuments. According to some scholars, his very personal and strict view on antiquities had already been expressed in works like the nine paintings of the Triumphs of Caesar, now in Hampton Court Palace, London, before the Roman stay, or in other later paintings.
His Roman stay was anyway due mainly to the important task of painting the lost frescoes of Vatican's Chapel of Innocent VIII, unfortunately destroyed later in 1780.

A. Cocchi



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Stile:Arte del Quattrocento.

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Andrea Mantegna. Julius Caesar on the triumphal chariot. 1485-1505. Tempera and glue on canvas. 268x278. London, Royal Collection at Hampton Court Palace.


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