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Michelangelo from Florence to Rome

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The arrival of the French army in Italy, guided by Charles VIII in 1494, puts in crises the whole political organization of the peninsula, and Piero de' Medici, weak son of Lorenzo, welcomed the king of France with excessive servility causing a general rebellion from the people against the ruling power.

He was therefore driven away from Florence and at the head of the provisional Republic, a worrying personality was chosen: the Dominican monk Gerolamo Savonarola, whose apocalyptical invectives upset the young Michelangelo who started to perceive the need of the return of a deeper and truer religion.

At 21, after a stay in Bologna during which he realized three marble statues for the Arca di San Domenico (Ark of Saint Dominic), Michelangelo went for the first time to Rome, where he assiduously studied rich collections of old sculptures, like the one gathered by Cardinal Riario who commissioned Bacchus, made around 1497.

But it wasn't this particularly work that made Michelangelo be considered one of the major sculptors of his time: for the French cardinal Jean le Bilhères-Lagraulas, Charles VIII's ambassador to pope Alexander VI, the sculpture that earned the admiration of his contemporaries, was the Pietà, a marble sculpture now in the Vatican Basilica.

A. Cocchi

Trad.: A. Sturmer



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Michelangelo. Angel. Detail. Ark of Saint Dominic. 1494. Bologna, Church of Saint Dominic. 


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