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The First Drawings by Michelangelo

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The drawing got from Masaccio 's frescoes series in the Cappella Brancacci of Florence, is a precious work because, according to biographers,  Michelangelo had the systematic habit of destroying "drawings and sketches done by hand".
The piece he copied represented San Pietro as he was paying a gabelliere (1).
Buonarroti used here a thick hatching which forecasted his way of using the chisel on marble with soft intersecting  streaks. Even when copying, Michelangelo showed his tendency to simplification, with a formal strictness and clarity of the lines.
The artist has always considered the graphic procedure of primary importance, by virtue of the fundamental moment of the creative process. "Painting, sculpture and architecture - he said - culminate in the drawing. This is the primary source and the soul of all ways of painting and the root of all science".


A. Cocchi

Trad.: A. Sturmer




 1)  A type of Taxman



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